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18mm Celestial Button Earrings18mm Celestial Button Earrings
18mm Celestial Button Earrings
Sale price$12.00
14mm Celestial Button Earrings14mm Celestial Button Earrings
14mm Celestial Button Earrings
Sale price$11.00
10mm Celestial Button Earrings10mm Celestial Button Earrings
10mm Celestial Button Earrings
Sale price$10.00
5 Row Flexi-Choker 12"5 Row Flexi-Choker 12"
5 Row Flexi-Choker 12"
Sale price$28.00
Crystal Drop EarringsCrystal Drop Earrings
Crystal Drop Earrings
Sale price$10.00
3 Row Flexi-Choker Extender3 Row Flexi-Choker Extender
3 Row Flexi-Choker Extender
Sale price$4.00
3 Row Flexi-Choker with extender chain3 Row Flexi-Choker with extender chain
3 Row Flexi-Choker with extender chain
Sale price$24.00
10mm Solitaire Earrings10mm Solitaire Earrings
10mm Solitaire Earrings
Sale price$6.00
18mm Celestial Button Color Earrings - Silver Plate18mm Celestial Button Color Earrings - Silver Plate
18mm Celestial Button Color Earrings - Silver Plate
Sale price$12.00
5 Row Flexi-Bracelet5 Row Flexi-Bracelet
5 Row Flexi-Bracelet
Sale price$18.00
10mm Pearl Rosette Earrings10mm Pearl Rosette Earrings
3 Row Flexi-Choker 13"3 Row Flexi-Choker 13"
3 Row Flexi-Choker 13"
Sale price$26.00
Earring Jackets Trio Set: Round, Star, Flower (fits 8mm studs)
Double Strand Choker
Double Strand Choker
Sale price$14.00
10mm Celestial Button Earrings - Black/Silver Gold Plate
14mm Pearl Rosette Post Earrings
Chunky 1" Hoop EarringsChunky 1" Hoop Earrings
Chunky 1" Hoop Earrings
Sale price$10.50
Forehead Elastic Band - 3 Tier Drape
Save $6.00
Double Strand Bracelet
Double Strand Bracelet
Sale price$1.00 Regular price$7.00
Forehead Elastic Band - Royal Marquis DropForehead Elastic Band - Royal Marquis Drop
3 Row Flexi-Bracelet3 Row Flexi-Bracelet
3 Row Flexi-Bracelet
Sale price$15.00
Save $2.00
Black Velvet Choker - Oval Pendant
Black Velvet Choker - Oval Pendant
Sale price$5.00 Regular price$7.00
10mm Celestial Button Gold-Plated Pastels10mm Celestial Button Gold-Plated Pastels
10mm Celestial Button Gold-Plated Pastels
Sale price$10.00
Round Cable BroochRound Cable Brooch
Round Cable Brooch
Sale price$5.00